Experience Your Evolution Through the Nexus of Art (creativity), Science (observation & experiment), and Spirituality (unity consciousness)

A Portal To Remembering Your True Self

This course will spark an Awakening. It will allow you to remove the veil of forgetfulness and remember who you truly are: A Master among Masters! Remove the labels that feed into the illusion of separation and fully embrace oneness. The more people who do this, the closer we are to co-creating a renewed reality that feels like Heaven on Earth. We use art as the gateway, because it inherently speaks the language that binds us to one another and the Universe, the language of emotion. Whether you are aware of it or not, the merger of your thoughts and emotions automatically casts your vote in the collective consciousness, which dictates the reality in which we live. The diversity of perspective allows us to experience in real-time the emotions of the other aspects of self. This class allows you to access this information through compassion and unconditional love in order to trust the vote you’re casting in the Collective. In retrospect, what we created is a transparent look into one starseed's journey through the householders path to Ascension. As I take the class with you, my hope is that no matter when in time and space this class is found, you will feel the knowing that you are not alone in your journey.
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My Gift To You



Natalie Ventimiglia

The artist and punk rock goddess behind the bespoke sculptures and art pieces that grace the halls of homes and businesses around the world. Natalie breathes her vision into reality through intricate glasswork and other art pieces which "bleed the colors of the world," capturing and radiating the energy of a space, making them seamlessly sing to the tune of their surroundings. Her personal blueprint utilizes the magic created by the nexus of art, science, and spirituality.
“My current mission is to stand not only with the light, but with the integration of all aspects of self in order to move the collective into oneness through the neutralizing effects of unconditional love” - Natalie Ventimiglia

Benefits of Curriculum

  • Awakening

    Learn how to establish your own language with the universe so you can trust the signs you are getting.This relationship opens a gateway to higher consciousness and remembering who you are. Trust that you have always been on the path to your destiny.

  • Resilience

    You will become more resilient and comfortable with change by embracing your infinite nature. Learn to live your life in a state of flow, where every day you choose to see life as an adventure.

  • Perspective

    You will gain a perspective that life is a playground for your development, which moves you out of victimhood, meaning that ALL of your experiences are happening for you and not to you. You’ll find the love in every lesson.

  • Discernment

    By seeing yourself and the world from multiple perspectives, you can choose your own perception of situations and trust your discernment and your future.


So Helpful and Healing


”The sense of relief that you provided with so much of what you said is like a gift from above. Not kidding! That I’m already doing the work, this is me doing the work, I’m on the path, there are no wrong decisions...I just have to keep in mind/reflect on what did I learn from that experience...seriously, so helpful and healing!”

Trust the Process

Carrie Trogan

“Def felt lighter and lighter on my way back into town. Feeling more optimistic and excited about change. Not as fearful. I feel it when I hear you say I’m more capable of achieving goals than I think I am. I am starting to trust the process.”

NAT gets it!


”Girl...I could listen to you talk forever!!! You always say stuff that literally I sit and think NAT gets it!”

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • How does this class work? *Video

    • Written Overview *Text

    • What am I going to learn? A message from the future *Video

    • Following the Signs. There are tickets! *Video

    • Join the Conversation

  • 2

    Set Your Intention

    • Set Your Intention *Video

    • Set Your Intention *Text

  • 3

    Chapter 1--So Resilient, My Life Is An Adventure

    • Chapter 1 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 1 Knowledge *Video

    • Chapter 1 Wisdom *Video

    • Chapter 1 Wisdom *Text

    • Chapter 1 Explore *Video

    • Chapter 1 Explore *Text

    • Chapter 1 Integrate *Video

    • Chapter 1 Integrate *Text

  • 4

    Chapter 2--Embracing Your Infinite Self

    • Chapter 2 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 2 Knowledge *Video

    • Chapter 2 Wisdom *Video

    • Chapter 2 Wisdom *Text

    • Chapter 2 Explore *Video

    • Chapter 2 Explore *Text

    • Chapter 2 Integrate *Video

    • Chapter 2 Integrate *Text

  • 5

    Chapter 3--This Life Is A Playground

    • Chapter 3 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 3 Knowledge *Video

    • Chapter 3 Wisdom *Video

    • Chapter 3 Wisdom *Text

    • Chapter 3 Explore *Video

    • Chapter 3 Explore *Text

    • Chapter 3 Integrate *Video

    • Chapter 3 Integrate *Text

  • 6

    Chapter 4--Transcending Duality

    • Chapter 4 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 4 Knowledge *Video

    • Chapter 4 Wisdom *Video

    • Chapter 4 Wisdom *Text

    • The Universe will show you the same lesson until you get it. Really integrate it. * video

    • Chapter 4 Explore* Video

    • Chapter 4 Explore* Text

    • Chapter 4 Integrate *Video

    • Chapter 4 Integrate *Text

  • 7

    Chapter 5--Gaining New Perspectives

    • Chapter 5 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 5 Knowledge *Video

    • Chapter 5 Wisdom *Video

    • Chapter 5 Wisdom *Text

    • Chapter 5 Explore & Integrate Combined *Video

    • Chapter 5 Explore & Integrate Combined *Text

    • Could Confirmation Bias be a Good thing? It is if you know what you want! *Video

  • 8

    Chapter 6--Become Your Own Influencer By Trusting Your Discernment

    • Chapter 6 Knowledge *Text

    • Chapter 6 Knowledge *Video

    • Integrate, Integrate, Integrate Video

    • How Jordan Belfort Helped me Get Myself Back to the Straight Line *Video

    • Integrate, Integrate, Integrate *Text

    • Do you see how it's all possible? Watch the Mark Haughton video again.

  • 9

    Bonus Content

    • Feng Shui Video

Energy Exchange

This class is offered with an exchange of energy. We feel that EVERYONE should have access to ascension teachings, so we are making this available to everyone. Money is only one way to exchange energy. We are open to anything else that you would like to share with our cause and our community. If you are in a financial situation where you can donate money, please click the paypal button below and donate whatever amount you deem appropriate. If you have any ideas, comments, feedback, or any other energy exchange that you find of value that you would like to donate, please click the email button below and let us know. 

We are so grateful for the ongoing support and growth of our community as we share this content. Our intention is that these teachings will be found by all those who are looking to find them.  Thank you for your engagement and your energy. 

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